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There are all types of change we have in our lives. Our environment changes, our lives change as we grow older, people are born, people die, our lives are changed for ever. There is nothing we can do about this type of change.

Then there is the change we seek in ourselves. Some of us look to change a bad habit such as smoking. Some of us look to change our bodies such as lose weight and gain muscle. This type of change is something that we can do something about, in fact we are the only ones who can do something about it. Nobody is going to give it to you, if you are sitting around waiting for someone to “hand” it to you, then you will be doing just that…… sitting around waiting.

So if you want personal change in you life, no matter what the change is, then do something about it. Initiate the change in your life that you want, do not take no for an answer, go out, kick ass, and take names.