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The Box

While this blog is about writing, inspiration, motivation and general posts about helping people, it is not about science. However we need to have a little science in this post to make the point. I am a big science fan, as well as mathematics and physics. It just intrigues the hell out of me. With that being said on with post.

The Box
Boxes exist in science, math and physics, unquestionably. They do not however exist in nature. Nature has no use for a box, for if it did, boxes would exist on their own naturally, in our environment. Humans are the only animals on this planet that have a use for, and use boxes. We use them all the time, we put things in them, they come in many shapes and sizes. With that being said, there is one more way a box exists, which is the point of this post, and that would be metaphorically.

The metaphor that is “The Box” is used every single day around the world. I know you have heard it before, at some point in your life someone has said to you “Think outside the box” Whether it be a boss, a publisher, an editor, whoever. I know its been said to you, at some point.

So, we begin to “Think outside the box” Well, seeing that “The Box” is man made, and you are trying to think beyond the confines of “The Box” it stands to reason that we certainly are limiting ourselves to a much lower standard than we can actually achieve. We inadvertently are limiting ourselves, because when we think outside “The Box” we only care to be just that, outside of it.

When you realize, that there is no “BOX” and let your mind go, the outer confines of the universe become your limits, and seeing how there are no outer confines of the universe as we understand it, the only thing stopping you from reaching these limits are in fact, you.

I read a lot about people, and I read a lot of posts and articles about “Traits of wildly successful people” Not one time have I read that thinking outside “The Box” was one of their traits.

So please stop trying to think outside “The Box” and realize that there is no “Box” free yourself from the chains and way of thinking we have come to know, and see where it takes you. I promise you will not be disappointed.