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Fly Like You’re The Angel

Life is short, its more than that, it’s too damn short. When you think about it really, it is not fair how short life is here on this planet. Our time here is finite, it will end, eventually. We do not have to like it,  and most of us don’t, but we do have to accept it, or we will go insane counting the days.

We all know that minutes turn to hours, which turn in to days, and in the blink of an eye years have slipped by and leave us saying, where the hell did all that time go? We toil at our day jobs relentlessly,  day after day, year after year, so that we can provide for ourselves and our family’s. We need to look beyond that, because what we do for work, is what we do, it may not be what defines us.

I am a cable guy by trade and I am fortunate to make a great living at it, I love what I do. I am not chained to a desk for eight hours a day, having to decide if I should tackle the next pile of corporate papers or gouge my damn eyes out with a pencil, thank God. But being a cable guy is what I do, it is not who I am, I am a writer, and that brings me great joy and satisfaction.

We  need to really focus on what fuels our desires,  what brings us sheer joy, and do it. We need to stop procrastinating,  ” I will start that book next month” or ” I will paint a new painting when the summer is over” or whatever it is that brings joy to you.

We all have time we waste, pretty much on a daily basis, such as Facebook, twitter, watching TV, etc. If we just trimmed that wasted time out of our lives and focused that energy and time on the things that we want to define us, well then, the sky would most certainly be the limit.

So spread your wings, paint that painting, write the next novel that will knock the reading world on its ass, and, fly like you’re the angel, because you are, we all are!