Losing Yourself

Human beings, we are a fickle bunch. We go through this life constantly changing, evolving, hopefully for the better. While we walk down this road called life, we have many choices to make, some are good choices, some are bad. That is how we learn, by making choices. A baby learns to walk by choosing to stand up and trying to walk, and consequently falls down. Then an amazing thing happens, the baby tries again, and again, until she or he masters it.

That baby, now with a fresh set of confidence, begins its life of meandering about its home. Eventually she or he grows up, and ventures out into the world, alone, without the constant vigil of mom and dad. Whether it be to college or work, look out world, here comes yet another full-grown adult.

That is where the problem starts.

A brand new full-grown adult, making her or his way into the world of adulthood, work, bills, work, taxes. For the most part she or he will do alright, at first. Every thing is new, permission is no longer needed to make a decision. At last, that person is free to make their own choices, and damn does it feel good.

This is where some people lose themselves, and losing ourselves can happen over and over throughout our lives. It can be quite sad to watch, because there are all sorts of ways we can lose ourselves.

Some people lose themselves, and consequently get trapped by drugs and or alcohol. I have watched far too many people I personally know and love, dive to the bottom of a bottle and stay there for a long, long time. I have also witnessed people I know and love waste and ruin their entire lives on drugs, some made it out, some did not, some are still there.

Then some people get lost within their own ego. “I am going to take the world by the balls and everyone will notice” good luck, so has every other eighteen to twenty something that ever walked on this planet. Granted some actually pull it off, but its far more common that most do not.

Then some of us lose ourself by the death of a loved one. I can personally tell you that I have. When my father passed away, I did lose myself, I am a writer, and for one hundred and four days after his passing I did not write a single word. I lost readers to this blog because of it. I was lost within myself, I was not confused, just lost. When you begin to wonder how much time you personally have left on this planet, with so much left to do, and wonder how you will get it done, and allow it to consume you, allow it to be in every waking thought, well, it can be quite maddening.

I found my way out of it however.

That is the key.

It is ok to lose yourself, how ever it may happen, and it will happen. As I said before we humans are a fickle bunch, but if you do happen to lose yourself  along this road called life, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help, and do what ever it takes to find your way back to the light.

Back to finding Yourself again.


3 responses to “Losing Yourself

  1. Aaaah yes!! Fickle we certainly are. Good read 🙂

  2. It’s pretty interesting how many things in life that boils down to the very same solution: don’t take yourself too seriously. As you say, it’s ok to lose yourself a bit sometimes, to take a not so optimal path in life, only to find your true self again later on. It can and usually will happen, to everyone, and it would be strange otherwise.

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