Settle, as human beings a very high percentage of us settle or have settled at one point in our lives. Actually the correct term is,
“To Settle For” which by definition is;
To accept in spite of incomplete satisfaction.
I will let that sink in with you for a moment.

OK, now that you have thought about that for a bit, you have to ask yourself, do I settle? If the answer is YES, then I have a question for you. How in the hell, can you realistically expect to be happy and lead a healthy and fulfilled life, if you settle for what you really do not want?
The math is easy,
life + settling = unhappy you.

Now, of course things happen that are beyond our control, such as being laid-off or just out right being terminated because of corporate downsizing. Then we may have to settle for a job that we do not want, because regardless, we need money to survive, and quite frankly, some money is definitely better than no money. But that is just a quick fix to keep us on our feet, we do not have to keep that job if it is not what we want, we can continue to job search and interview until we find a job that makes us happy.

Another thing that may be out of our control is divorce. Things happen, people change, we fall in to love, but sometimes unfortunately, we also fall out of love. I have been there myself, it sucks, it hurts, I know. My first wife left me, and after all the damn crying and wondering what was wrong with me, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with me, it was her. She simply did not want to be married to me anymore, she wanted to just be able to party all the time, and not be tied down by anyone, so off she went, we got divorced. Guess what happened next. I GOT OVER IT,and she found herself pregnant by someone else six months after our divorce, so the world turns. When I decided to start dating again, I made a promise to myself. I would not settle for just anyone to date, there was criteria damn it, and it worked out. I met the woman of my dreams, and we will have been married for 16 years this May.

Seeing how not settling worked for me, I decided I would not settle for anything in my life ever again. I would work for what I wanted, I would fight for it, I would, and do, find a way to do what ever it is I want, and that my friends has given me a truly happy life. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get there, but I do not settle in the meantime, I go without until I find a way to get what I am after.

So do yourself a favor, find a way to get what you want, it may, and will, take some work, but that is what makes it worth it, and do not ever, ever, ever, settle for anything, because you are stronger than that.


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