Why, Mr Cosby

I remember in the days of my childhood, waking up on Saturday mornings and getting a bowl of cereal and sitting down in front of the television to watch the Saturday cartoons, it is what we did in the 1970’s.
One of my fondest memories and favorite cartoons was Fat Albert, a cartoon where Bill Cosby voiced the part of Fat Albert himself, Mr Cosby also created this show. I wonder how many millions of kids he entertained with this show every week? Another fond memory of my childhood was the pudding commercials Mr Cosby starred in, boy did I like pudding back then.
Bill Cosby is an American Icon, he has a career spanning 53 years, he has been adored by millions and millions of fans, I am one of them ( I may be changing that to was one of them)
Now in 2015, he is accused of raping multiple women throughout his career.
Misogyny has run rampant throughout history, it is a plague felt around the entire world, one with no cure in sight. It most certainly is felt in Hollywood and spread by some of Hollywood’s wealthy elite men.

Which brings us to, Why?
Why do some men, especially wealthy and somewhat powerful men, have such a hatred, an insidious distrust of women? Could it be that they are so afraid of losing power, or perhaps having to compete for money against women on a level playing field? I really don’t have an answer for this question.

Back to Mr Cosby, I am not a judge, I do however deal in facts. I do not know if any of these accusations against Mr Cosby are true, however, I do not know if they are untrue either. 24 women are now out in the media telling their accounts of being raped by Mr Cosby, probability tells me these women are not lying. If it is true that he raped these women, then Bill Cosby should not only be held accountable for his actions, but should suffer the harshest punishment the law will allow for. His status as an American Icon should not be taken into consideration, and he should be used as an example to all the other rapists out there, that we are sick and tired of this shit, and we are not going to fucking put up with it anymore, no matter who you are.

So, I pose this to you Mr Cosby,
if you did rape these women admit to it, knowing that you let millions of people down. If you did not, then don’t admit to it and go defend yourself.
If you did rape these women and are lying about it, May God have mercy on your soul, which he need not show by the way.


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