Women Part II, Time For A Serious Change

I have been involved in a few discussions in the last few weeks about gender violence towards women, the rape culture that exists in this country, and victim blaming. It is appalling to me that in 2014 there are people, and actual governments who will still debate this, to the point of saying that Misogyny does not exist, when clearly it does.

Basically women in this country, and around the world, are viewed as second class citizens, who are expected to stand behind and follow their male counter-parts, which is completely ridiculous.
Women are exact equals to men.

The victim blaming that exists in our society just boggles the mind.
Lets look at rape victims.
Countless rape cases exist, where the victim was blamed for being raped for such ridiculous excuses as,
1. She was dressed provocatively
2. She was drunk
3. She didn’t say no
Numbers 1 and 2 are usually ended with “so she was asking for it”
Really? She was asking for it?
Honestly, who ever asked to be raped? Just because a woman shows a little bit of her cleavage or had a few drinks does not mean she is asking to be raped.
Number 3 seems it would be really difficult to say no when you have a handgun jammed in your mouth by your rapist, or he duct taped your mouth shut.
So like I said before these are a few of the discussions I have been involved in, in the last few weeks.
Our complete existence would end without women, and it is my opinion as a man, that it is clearly time for a serious change in the way women are treated in our society, and around the world.
It is time for us, and by us, I mean men, to let go of the archaic ideas towards women, and to let women prosper and reach the heights of success in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue, as men have enjoyed since, well, the beginning of time.

It is time for women to have the same equal rights as men do, it is time for women to seek out and be elected to high political offices.
It is time for men to change the way they think about and view women. Women are not objects for men to own and discard when it suits them.
Women are human beings, and it is time that the men of our society and men around the world treat them as that, equal human beings.
It clearly is, Time For A Serious Change
And this man welcomes that change!


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