So the twittesphere (and social media in general) is on fire today about leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, and twitter is suspending accounts of people posting these nude photos or links to them, as they should.
I spent some time this morning reading all the mindless dribble people are typing on twitter about this, and in between all the virtual high fives people are giving the asshole hacker who leaked these photos, I did find some rather compassionate people advocating for Ms Lawrence.
So let’s get into it,
The leak is not about security, but at some point I think Apple should be held responsible for the security breach, I mean Ms Lawrence’s Icloud account was hacked and she pays for that service, so, I will let you do the math there.
This is not about the privacy of an Academy Award winning actress, an award she rightfully deserved.
This is not about her taking nude photos of herself.

This is about a WOMAN.
She had some nude pictures of herself, so what? Many people have nude pictures of themselves to enhance their love life and to be shared privately with their lovers, not for the whole fucking world to see.
For whatever reason in today’s society, we seem to think we have a right to see and or do whatever we want, especially to women, if it’s on the web, then its fair game for anyone to view.
she did not authorize the publication or release of these pictures, so then, now it is not fair game. If a person chooses to look at her nude pictures that are online, then THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DOING THAT, AND TRESPASSING ON HER PRIVATE PROPERTY AND LOOKING IN HER WINDOWS.
Which would get you a court date and hopefully a jail sentence, and that should be the case for,
1. The asshole scumbag who hacked and leaked these photos.
2. Anyone found sharing these photos.
3. The websites who are capitalizing on increased web traffic to their sites that have these pictures available, whether they are free to view or not.

It is time to STOP treating women as objects, as second class citizen’s, as possessions that we own and control, because quite frankly, we do not.
Women are exact equals to men, humanity would end without women and every woman on the planet has their own intellect, their own choices, their own free will, and so much more, but they are held down, and held back.
Is it because the men in control are threatened and would have to share power with women? If that is the case, well then, that’s just fucked up.

Please let me know you your thoughts.


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