Why have I Forsaken This Blog ?

It has been 104 days since I have written a post for this blog, it may seem as if I have forsaken this blog, but I can assure you that I have not.

So I must tell you what happened for me to go all MIA on you.

In January one of our cats died, to me it really was not a big deal he was a loner type of cat, he would purr, he hardly ever wanted to snuggle, and he was outside more than he ever was inside, even on the coldest of days he wanted to be outside. His passing although rather sudden did not affect me much at all.

Moving on to February, our beloved Toby passed away, he was our 12-year-old half Black Lab and half Rottweiler mix that we rescued from a kill shelter when he was just 13 weeks old. To us, Toby was not a dog, but a member of our family and held in the same regard as any other member of our family. Toby lost about 25 pounds in a few weeks and started having problems walking, his appetite for anything completely diminished and he was refusing to drink any water at all, so we took him down to our vet. Turns out that Toby had a ruptured spleen, which could be fixed but the vet said it would just rupture in another spot, over and over. So we had to make the hard choice to put Toby to sleep, and that choice hurt a lot, it made no difference that Toby had reached the end of his natural life, we lost a member of our family that day.

Marching into March, you may recall a post I wrote about my father being diagnosed with lung cancer, well he had under-gone all of his chemotherapy treatments and had gold placed around his tumor so that the doctors could perform a cyber knife treatment, which in a nut shell are high doses of radiation directly into the tumor effectively killing the tumor ( the gold keeps the radiation from leaving the targeted area) What my father failed to tell his doctors prior to having the gold put in was that he was having a hard time breathing, well harder than normal he was on oxygen 24/7. So that landed him in the hospital on a ventilator for a couple of days, then he went home and a few days later he was back in the hospital, never to leave breathing again, on March 20, 2013 the man for whom I am named after passed away, and that really took quite a bit out of me. I continued to work my day job but wanted to do nothing else really, just sit around and watch television after work, these are the first words I have written in almost two months.

Life has knocked me around pretty good this year and hit me with some really hard punches, it has stepped into the ring and has wanted to fight, it had me on my back and life thought I was ready to give in, but I am not ready to give, I am back on my feet and here I come swinging, not for the knock out blow, but just to let life and the world know I am here.

My children’s book The Teapot and The Trumpet is complete and the illustrations are now complete too, I will be self publishing it soon and will let you all know when it happens until then here is one of the illustrations, as always my friends thank you for all of your support 🙂blog



15 responses to “Why have I Forsaken This Blog ?

  1. Jim,

    Much love to you, my friend.


  2. Jim,

    I am so sorry for your losses. Just know I am here for you my friend we all are! Much love to you !


  3. Jim,
    Sending heartfelt compassion to you.

  4. Sorry to hear of your tough time. With you in spirit & prayer. Blessings to you!

  5. So sorry to hear of your loss, Jim.
    You and your family will be in my prayers.

  6. Jim, it saddens me to hear of your pain. These thing always come too quickly to those we love, though come they must for none of us can avoid the inevitable. I too have recently experienced a tragic loss though not one as deep as yours and so I can not say that I truly understand, but, this I do know – time will lessen the pain. And one day, when you are thinking of him, you will not be sad but smile at the memory.

    May God wrap you and yours in his Grace,

  7. Thank you Kathleen 🙂

  8. Jim, your father is shining down on you, beaming with pride, of that I’m sure. You’re a good man, and you’ve endured a lot of pain. We’re here for you sweetie. xox

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