The Wall

It seems I have run into a wall while working on my novel, nothing is working out with it, well, where I want to go with it is not working out. I know where I want to go with it and how I want to write it, but the words elude me, the correct words anyway.

Some people call it writers block, but I don’t think that accurately describes where I am at. I think “my muse has gone on vacation for a bit and left me behind” is a better description.

Nobody wants to read “I sat in a room” and I don’t blame them, its boring, I think I would rather watch paint dry. It needs to be dressed up a bit, into a well written thought or expression, something like,
“The couch I was sitting on was sage green, it went well with the periwinkle walls. The fresh cut lavender in the vase on the table, made the whole place smell incredible, it lingered with me long after I had left.”
See much better, but you knew that.

Usually when I run into this wall, I just write through it, but this time the wall is being very resilient, but it is nothing new by any means.
I will get through this, and back to writing my novel soon, in fact this post seems to be just flowing out of me, so I am hoping the wall is now behind me, or maybe I just needed a break from writing for a few days, who knows ?

I am sure that there are numerous ways to overcome writers block, that have been written about to great extent. I am not interested in those, what I am interested in however, is how do,Β You,Β  get through your bouts of writers block, please tell.


16 responses to “The Wall

  1. Jim,

    thank you for writing this post, I have been going through the same dilemma for the past few weeks, glad to see your back. Lately, with work,
    kids, one writing class for my master’s program ( which is harder than I thought) I am finding it harder and harder to stay focus on my book. I think it is because I have so much on my plate, and you are write sometimes you really can not find someone to read your stuff. Luckily, I have a writer’s group and people on our team that offer their advice like you! Especially Melissa, and the WLC. But I understand where you are and the only advice I can give it when I get this way, I try to make a schedule and make time to write on my own. In a quieter area- even if it is only for about 30 to
    an hour a day, it seems to let my creative juices flow. I am sure your muse will come back soon, and you have been through so much! Whew! my friend, but I know you will be back at it soon, as you pointed out if this post was any indication! Sending much positive thoughts to you! Hope this helps and great post! Kudos!

    Syl Stein

  2. As for me, I always have at least two or more projects going at once, so that if I stall out on one, I can turn to another, and then there is always poetry. With poetry, I find a prompt and write on that. Sometimes I use the poem I’ve written as my prompt for the day’s writing on my other project of choice. Or, if I don’t want to do any of those things, I free write whatever flows out of my fingers until I can get to the bottom of what is keeping me stuck and I can start writing for real. I had to do this yesterday before I could get my NaNoWriMo words flowing. Know this, Jim: we’ve all been there, so we are all there in the room with you when you are suffering. Feel that support when you are staring at that blank screen or page. Hear our voices telling you you can do this, because you can. Let it out, keep letting it out until the flow comes flowing back.

    • Thanks Sandra,
      I usually free-write it out too but that didnt seem to do it, so I just took a few days off of writing and worked at tweaking the outline more adding notes yadda yadda, here on the blog it is just poring out like it should so I am going back at the book tonight πŸ™‚
      Thanks for taking the time to stop in πŸ™‚

  3. Writing is my chocolate treat for when other stuff is done, so writers’ block just feels like I’ve eaten too much. Time to go for a walk and chat with my characters, or else spend more time on facebook and chat with friends.

  4. Two ideas. First, at times I’ll jump ahead to a chapter/scene that I’ve been scoping out in my head. Often it’s the climax or some confrontation. Second, other times I’ll just start describing something for a particular scene – maybe the room, the food, the farm. You can always delete the excess but it gets my fingers moving and often is a bridge to what is actually going on there. Biggest problem is when the block is because you don’t feel confident about what you’re doing – where the story is going, etc. Whole different – and bigger – issue. Good luck!

  5. Hey Bob,
    Thanks for the tips, Melissa said the same thing about skipping ahead we will see where it goes tonight, its not that I am not confident about where the story is going as much as I need one of my characters to be able to compel people that was tripping me up but I think I figured it out.
    Thanks for stopping in Bob πŸ™‚

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  8. AirportsMadeSimple

    Hi Jim! I totally relate my advice? Walk away! Take a week off. Take a break. Go places and do things you don’t normally do. It’s ok. Give yourself permission. But always bring a notepad and pen wirh you. You never know when words, phrases, situations, stories, articles or people will offer inspiration. Keep your thinking heart open. Relax. Shutting it off at times is ok–and necessary.

  9. Hey Deborah,
    I did take some time just for me away from writing, its nothing new it happens from time to time, but I am through it now.
    Thanks for stopping in.

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