All Hallows Eve

All year-long the children believe,
as they watch the web the spider weaves,
their hearts are filled with nothing but glee,
as they wait,  for All Hallows Eve.

The ghosts and goblins, witches and ghouls,
wait for the night to roam the streets,
looking for all the tasty treats,
they ring our bell and say Trick or Treat!!

They hope the path does not cross with a black cat,
or the warlock, and his scary magic hat,
they look for a little scare,
and some spooky house’s they do not dare.

While the night lingers on,
those spooks, ghouls, goblins, and witches,
hope it lasts forever and shall not be gone,
as the houses run out of treats,
shutting off the lights,
All Hallows Eve, should be full of fright.

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6 responses to “All Hallows Eve

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  2. Loved it, thanks for sharing, Jim!

  3. that was fantastic!!!!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and chatting. come back any time. i love getting to find out about your blog!!!!

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