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Where The Grey Matter Pours Out

Book Bound In Human Skin photo courtesy of needcoffee.com

It conjures up thoughts of Witchcraft and Sorcery, or one would think you would find a book bound in human skin on the bookshelf of Hannibal Lecter. Even in the 1993 Disney movie Hocus Pocus, the spell book owned by Winifred is bound in human skin.
While the thought of a book bound in human skin will seem completely grotesque to most of us they do exist, in fact there is actually a name for it, Anthropodermic Bibliopegy, which in definition is the practice of binding books in human skin.
Although you probably wont see this done very much today, it was somewhat common in the 17th and 18th centuries, but came to a stop pretty much at the end of the Victorian Age.
While researching this, I found that one reason books were bound in human skin was as a form of punishment…

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