What’s In A Word?

Words are very powerful, they can be used to make you utilize all your senses, and when done correctly, can be a very awesome thing. Think of your favorite book, as you read the book you can visualize the different scenes, smell the aromas from the scenes, and even hear what the author wants you to hear.
Words can also be a very powerful way of getting your point across. Just look at a good salesperson, they are masters of words, they have to be, their livelihood depends on it. They can make anything look good and appealing, and with the right words, can make you believe that you need what they are selling.
Unfortunately words are so powerful they can be, and are used to hurt others, just ask anyone who has ever been bullied, hell ask the bully. Bullies have throughout history relied on words as their primary weapon. In recent years there has been a lot of attention put on bullies and hopefully, someday soon they will be a thing of the past.

If it was not for irony, words and written works would lose so much of its power. Lets take There, They’re, Their for example. All three words are spelled differently, but all three words are pronounced exactly the same, and yet all three have completely different meanings and uses. But that is not the irony of these three words. All three are very powerful for you to understand what is going on in the scene when you read it, if we were allowed to use these three words interchangeably, we would never know what the author meant. Just imagine how frustrating it would be “they’re are two cars over their, which one is theres?” poke me in the eye with a pencil, what a mess it would be.

Those who can master finesse in the written word, will own the world, enough said.


3 responses to “What’s In A Word?

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