Confidence, a lot of people say they have it, and a lot of people lack it. There is one key element in this word that makes all the difference in the world. And that is,


We can say that we have confidence in ourselves, but if we don’t believe it, and I mean, really believe it, believe it to the point that we believe in it, then we don’t have it.

There is no reason that each and every one of us shouldn’t have confidence in ourselves. Confidence comes from trying and succeeding at things, (well actually we are born with it, and I will get to that shortly) the more things we do and become proficient at,  the more our confidence goes up.
On the other hand (yes there is always the other hand) we can also lose confidence from other people around us who lack confidence. They can suck it out of us like a vacuum.
Why would they do this? Well because they lack confidence themselves, and quite frankly, misery loves company, the hell with that.

I have confidence in myself, I am so confident in myself, that I know I can do ANYTHING, anything I want to, and I believe that to a fault.
I believe this so much, that I know I could sell you sunlight, and you would buy it,  and if you didn’t, it wouldn’t be any fault of mine, but because you are smart enough to realize that you can get it for free.

My point is confidence is something we are all born with, have you ever seen a baby lacking it? No you have not, because if they did,  they would never learn to walk and talk, and do all the other things babies do that make them so damn special. I hate to say it but the lack of confidence is something that is taught to us, taught to us by manipulative people, as a means of control.

It is time for that to change, we as a society as a species,  need to change that. We need to nurture the confidence we were born with and make it grow in our kids and in ourselves .

We also need to, again as a species, help those around us who lack confidence in themselves.
For we cannot truly move forward until we do.

Let me tell you a story.
I didn’t always have confidence in myself, hell, far from it. I was an awkward kid, I wore glasses and I got picked on, they called me four eyes. I had a mushroom looking haircut when I was in elementary school, and got picked on. I didn’t wear Levi’s jeans, and got picked on. This continued until I was fifteen or so, until I got so sick of being picked on that I actually stood up for myself. I was so sick of being picked on, that I didn’t care if I got hurt because I stood up against someone and a fight broke out.

Well I did stand up to someone, and a fight did not ensue, and people for the most part let me be after that. That led me to have the confidence to join the Army when I was still in high school. I did basic training on summer vacation before my senior year started, and came back to school in the best shape of my life, and that is when my confidence exploded and has propelled me into the man I am today.

The man who will be a published author.
The man who can sell you sunlight.


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  1. TY for the reminder… Glad to see you again! 🙂

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