Corn On The Cob In Relation To Getting Published

Summer is drawing to a close here in New England, it wont be long before people will be trading in those shorts and flip-flops for jackets and winter shoes.

One of the things I like about summer is being able to eat local farm fresh corn on the cob.
The genius of corn on the cob lies in its simplicity.

We shuck the outer leaves and silk from the corn, rinse it off, and boil it until it is tender, then eat it.
It really does not get much easier than that.

I have received a few rejection letters now from agents about my book, not one was thanks but no thanks.

They all have the same tone, the same message, and that is “this is not what we are looking for right now”
which kind of takes the sting out of the rejection letter.

So that got me to thinking, do agents look for certain types of books to rep at certain times of year?
I don’t know for sure but I will find out.

The road to becoming published is unpaved and bumpy, as I continue down it I am paving it behind me so the next trip will be a nice ride.

I have a feeling that like corn on the cob, becoming published is a matter of simplicity.
I feel if we over think it, or over work it, our journey to becoming published will be harder than if we just kept it simple.

I think the simplicity of it is sheer numbers, eventually, someone will say yes they will rep my book.
I just hope it is not too late, and I am already a self published superstar πŸ˜‰


6 responses to “Corn On The Cob In Relation To Getting Published

  1. You go Jim! I believe I read somewhere that as far as publishers go, they have certain quotas for the year. 6 literary fiction, 3 Young Adult, 1 Self-Help, you know what I mean. So in order for an agent to want to rep your book, not only do they have to love it but they have to believe that it can be commercially successful. They have to think that the topic is something fresh, or something that is following a popular trend. They don’t want to take risks. That’s why a publisher will often back a terrible book because it was written by some popular actor or celebrity and the name will guarantee a certain amount of sales. And, that’s also what makes it hard for us nobodies, but not impossible. Keep the faith, Jim!

  2. Jim, keep moving forward and at some point you will bump into success. Success never bumps into us! πŸ™‚

  3. I believe that is true, I should get Snookie to endorse my book lol, thanks for coming by πŸ™‚

  4. I’m counting on you to pave the way Jim! πŸ™‚

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