A Valuable Lesson

I am a professional cable TV installer by trade, I work for myself as a sub-contractor and have for the past 13 years or so.
I left the cable industry about four years ago and focused on low voltage wiring and I did ok, but I couldn’t get it to where I wanted it to be.
It is a tough business to compete in, there are a lot of businesses doing the same thing, and being small you don’t get any product discounts, and the bigger companies get the bids because they can do it for less.

My wife was working before she went to college to become a nurse. We were very comfortable we brought home well over $100,000 a year between us. When she decided to become a nurse, I was bringing in enough money for us to still be comfortable.

Then the bubble burst, the entire world felt the greed of the few, because of this greed the world experienced a decade of decadence before the collapse, it seemed for the most part every one was doing well.
However, the economies collapse really did not affect me all that much.
I continued to work without seeing any slow down, well not until this year when the poor economy finally caught up to me in February.

I took the down time and polished up my book, got it ready for publishing which it now is as you know.
It was my intention to be published sooner than later, so that I could focus more on being an author to supply my income, but alas, that has not happened yet (notice I said yet, because I know it will)

It is really a great feeling to be able to buy what you want when you want it, to be able to plan a week in Walt Disney World and not having to worry about paying for it and not having to fund it with a credit card.
This February hit hard, and lasted for a couple of months, my wife was in her final few months of nursing school, and not working, neither was I, we had no money coming in.

We learned to prioritize, to worry about what is important, we learned to be frugal, well I learned to be frugal my wife has always been.
We saved money wherever we could we switched from Verizon back to cable, we started shopping at Aldys grocery store for the majority of our food, we spend $60 there, and to get the same things at Stop & Shop it would be $150.

Well, we made it through the hardest time financially in our thirteen years of marriage, without losing anything that we worked our asses off to get.
My wife finished nursing school, and is now working, I am back to doing what I love to do, installing cable services.

Life has certainly kicked my ass this year, I lost my brother to cancer, and for about six out of the eight months that have gone by already this year, life knocked me down again and stood on my throat, the whole time I was on my back I was swinging, refusing to quit.

I am finally getting back on my feet.

Do not ever give up, keep swinging, fight for yourself, fight for your family, fight for your life.

Perseverance is key.


6 responses to “A Valuable Lesson

  1. I am so glad to hear to that you and your wife survived the tough times and that things are getting better. You are a winner!

  2. Good for you Jim! Happy to know that you and your wife are back on your feet after all the knocks life has dealt you. Yes, perseverance IS key.

  3. Glad to hear things have turned around..and hats off to you and your wife for maintaining your integrity, character, and faithfulness during difficult times.

    Be encouraged!

  4. Thanks Stephan I would be nothing without her.
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by 🙂

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