The Waiting Game

I have nothing to gripe about, I really don’t.
I have a few rejection emails from literary agents, and I am waiting to here back from the others I have sent out.
If it doesn’t pan out with an agent, I plan on releasing my book on the various e-reader outlets available.
So I sit here and wait, and wait, and wait, it could take up to eight weeks to get a response from some according to their websites.

Ok, I DO have something to gripe about. I can take the waiting, it is part of the game. I get it they are busy like anyone else, actually the longer it takes could be a good thing, they could really be taking a good look at.

What really gets under my skin is, the literary agents who don’t have the common courtesy or professionalism to reply at all.
I mean come on, they don’t like it, or think they can’t sell it, that’s fine, at least drop me a two second email for Pete’s sake.

As writers, we seek out agents, we need them, they are the ones with all the contacts in the publishing world, and a lot of publishers don’t accept queries themselves, you have to go through an agent.
At the same time, the agents need us writers, if we are not here writing, they wouldn’t have anything to sell.

Eventually, this lack of professionalism by some will come back to bite them in the ass, what if I write the next “Dracula” and it is a big success in the self-publishing world? And catching the eyes of publishing people, if an agent didn’t care to respond to my query I sure as hell won’t respond to their offer to rep said successful book, well yes I would, I would politely say no, because that’s how I am. Well, I might say yes depending on the deal, somethings you just have to suck up.

I will find an agent, I know I will.
I have been querying the industry’s big agents, I think I will start seeking out new to the business agents, what could it hurt? It could be the be break we both are looking for.


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