Kissing Ass

We have all done it to one point or another, well, I can’t speak for you, so I will say, I think we all have done it at one point or another, kissing someone’s ass I mean, and I don’t mean that literally that would be gross.

It is done in an attempt to get a raise at work or move up the “corporate ladder” perhaps, or to make friends with someone, who otherwise wouldn’t be your friend.
Or maybe it is done to get art into someones gallery. “Your gallery is the best I have ever seen” when in fact it really is a hole in the wall.
I am sure it is done quite a bit when trying to find a literary agent to represent your book too.

I used to do it, a lot.
“Oh yes Mr. supervisor that is the best idea this company has ever seen” and then mumble to myself, what a fucking asshole, he couldn’t have a good idea if he read about it in a book.

Well I stopped kissing people’s asses a long time ago, I figure if whatever I am doing is not good enough on its own merit, to get me a raise or promotion than screw them, I don’t need it anyways.

While I am searching for a literary agent, I will not be kissing any of their asses either.
Again, if it turns out my book on its own merit is not worth their time to rep without sucking up to them, then to hell with them it will be their loss.

Notice I did not say I wouldn’t be professional.
There is nothing wrong when you send your query in to say you really enjoy that agents blog, or the authors they represent, if in fact you feel that way, that’s just being nice.

If we need to inflate someones ego to get them to give us a raise, a bonus, a promotion, or sign us writers up to rep us, then we don’t need them.

We shouldn’t have to sell out our dignity for God’s sake to get what we deserve.

This post in no way describes how I am feeling as I search for an agent, it is just something I have been wanting to say for a while.


4 responses to “Kissing Ass

  1. Go Jim! I so agree with you! Having to kiss ass badly diminishes the joy of achieving anything. Being nice is one thing, but ass-kissing is sort of like begging for favors 😦
    Do visit!

  2. Hear, hear! I concur. πŸ˜‰

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