A Truly Inspiring Story

I know this woman, who decided that she wanted to become a nurse.
She started her nursing education a bit later in her life, she was thirty three when she began.

A little information about this woman.
She got pregnant when she was seventeen, and her boyfriend decided he did not need to stay around.
In fact this scumbag has never even seen his daughter, who is now twenty three years old, much less provide any type of child support, even though he came from a well off family.

Needless to say this woman had to quit high school and get a job to support her daughter and herself.
She did what she had to do for the sake of her daughter, she toiled at various jobs for far less than she was worth.
When she was around twenty nine years old she met a man, who did not mind being her daughters step father.
It was part of the deal, and a part he willfully accepted.
Five months after they began dating they were married, and will be celebrating their 13th Wedding Anniversary on May 28, 2012.

Five months after they were married, in October 1999 they welcomed another daughter of their own into this world.

This woman eventually landed a job working for a contractor, and within a short time was running his business for him.
She received good pay and health benefits for her family.
This is when she decided to go to school and become a nurse.
She started her program, and was in her clinical rotations when she decided, because of how she saw nurses acting, that she did not want to be a nurse and would rather stay working for good pay and benefits.

Eventually after seven years of working for this contractor, she was asked to do something unethical for the company, which she did not do.
Instead, she gave her keys and company credit card back to the owner and walked out the door, and she has never looked back.

She decided that she did want to go back to school and become a nurse, and went back to the program, and was allowed back in where she left off only because of her high GPA.
Now she sits graduating tonight May,18,2012 with high honors for her nursing degree, and will be a great nurse.

This woman has shown me what perseverance is truly all about, and when I need to be inspired I look to her.
I would love the chance to date this woman, but I cannot, because I am married to her.
So congratulations to my wife Laura Cantwell, I am nothing without you.


12 responses to “A Truly Inspiring Story

  1. Congratulations to your wife, and to you too – it takes both of you to make these things happen.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  3. Aw man, you had me all the way…even at the end when the tears came…thanks Jim…sounds like we both married up.

    BTW…please pass congrats along to your wife…she has definitely earned it.

    Be encouraged!

  4. Thanks Stephen,
    and shes had me all the way for the last 13 years, I will pass that along she does stop by from time to time.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. You have an amazing wife Jim!

  6. Ah, what a sweet post. Congrats to her!

  7. AirportsMadeSimple

    That’s wonderful news! Tell your wife: You go girl!
    Jim, when you have a moment, will you check the comments re: Logan on my blog – there was a guy who had an issue with saying curbside check was “Free” – I answered him, but I’m sure he’d appreciate a quick shout-out from the author. No rush. Thanks, Jim. Have fun this weekend!!!!

  8. Thanks Deborah, will do on Logan and damn it they are free haha
    Thanks for coming by 🙂

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