Your What, Your Why, And Your How

I read a post over at the change your life blog this week titled
Take the opportunity to understand your Why
It really is a good post, you may want to give it a read.

It got me to wondering
I know my “What”
That is to be an author,  and I will be publishing soon as you all know.

I also know my “Why”
I write because I love to,  and I know it is what I am supposed to be doing.

That brings me to my “How”
How am I going to become a published author?
How are people, the 7 billion+ people of this planet going to know who I am ?
How are they going to find my book ?

Well Amazon for kindle of course, to start with anyways, then an all out social media blitz campaign.
I intend on making a lot of noise about my book when it comes out,  and I will not quit.
Probably some groveling,  and asking favors of prominent people to help promote my book would not hurt either.

If I do decide to go the traditional published print route, I will find all the literary agents for children’s books and query them all.

I have not figured out all the ins and outs,  but I have some great mentors who help a lot with answering the question,
“How do I do this?”

So I have a plan, you know the saying,
“plan your work, work your plan”

So I ask you

Do you know Your What, Your Why, And Your How ?


6 responses to “Your What, Your Why, And Your How

  1. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Sounds like you will find success sooner or later. Go get ’em. 🙂

  2. Ya gotta start somewhere. The “2012 Writer’s Market” may provide genreal background info (try the library , the 2011 is probably about the same, and there may be one just for Children’s Market). Might keep up with Roxie’s blog:
    She relays a lot of good publishing info

  3. Thanks for all the info Phil and for taking the time to stop by 🙂

  4. Hey Jim! Nominated you for the Best Follower Award!

  5. Thank You Arnel, it is not hard to follow you, you put such good stuff out 🙂
    Thanks again and for stopping by 🙂

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