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What do you think it takes to succeed as a blogger – top notch writing expertise, innate networking capability, cover-to-cover knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style, jacked up creative juices, mad marketing skills, loads of free time? There’s no question that each of those elements has the potential to contribute to blogging success, but there’s something else you need more than any of those – something you can learn from our badass friend the honey badger.

Before I explain, I suggest you watch this video narrated by “naturalist,” Randall. Fair warning: it contains a healthy dose of bad language. If you’re offended by that sort of thing you may want to skip the playback. On the other hand, if you have a slightly sick sense of humor (like mine), prepare to laugh until you cry.

Ok, are we all back now? I’ll give you a minute to regain your…

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  1. Here it is Re-blog Wednesday, and for the first one I have chosen a post by a friend of mine, Jamie Wallace. This post spoke volumes to me and really was a turning point in the way I write.

    Thanks Jamie 🙂

  2. Jackie Paulson

    This is such a great video to watch and I am glad that you reblogged Live to write or Write to Live blog.

  3. Hey Jackie
    Jamie is such a fantastic writer, I love the way she writes and read as much of her stuff as I can.
    I read this post when I was struggling to find my true voice, I was going about things all wrong when I read this and a few other things from her and other great writers this post spoke volumes to me
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by 🙂

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