Brilliant Behind The Keyboard

Many of us these days need to be brilliant behind the keyboard, because we are writers.
For some, it is how their living is made, for others it is a pressure release valve for the thoughts in our heads. Yet for others it is a necessary step in building that platform plank by plank, and paving that road to becoming a published author.

Since the beginning of the web, and the evolution of social media, some people have lost or forgotten how to communicate with people face to face, with the exception of ordering that all important cup of coffee, however they take it.

Some have chosen just simply not to communicate with people face to face.
They have become brilliant behind the keyboard.

While I do love the world at my finger tips, and the friends I have made because of the web and social media, it is important not to lose the human aspect in our lives, to touch and to feel and of course to talk to each other.
If we are not out talking to others and experiencing life outside of a 17 inch screen, what kind of stories will we have to write about? Where will our inspirations come from?

I would like to say I am brilliant behind the keyboard, but that would be vain, and that is a suit that does not fit me, not at all, I am a jeans and t-shirt type of guy.
I am proficient behind the keyboard, and I will admit, I spend a hell of a lot of time here.

However, I do get out a lot and talk to a wide variety of people, I love hearing their story, where they are from, how they got to the place where we met and where we are talking, it really is quite fascinating to just listen.
Of course, I love to read your stories on the web also, and hopefully someday we will meet for real where we will be brilliant face to face, I truly mean that.

If I did not get out and talk to people, I would never have come up with the story line behind my children’s book I am writing, it is a combination of experience’s in my life of friends and family and the people I have met.
I would not have had the idea for the next book I want to write, which is burning a hole in my very core and demanding “finish the first book so you can write me”

So lets be brilliant behind the keyboard, lets release our passion which fuels our desire to be read, and lets get out from behind the keyboard and be brilliant face to face.


16 responses to “Brilliant Behind The Keyboard

  1. Hi Jim. Interesting that you choose this topic to write about. Interesting in the sense that you are not the first person I’ve heard from in recent weeks to talk on this subject. I’ll take it even further by saying that I do think people in general are feeling a bit disconnected. With the ease and convenience of social medias as they are, many have given their voices over to the key board. Even our phones no longer require us to speak in order to get a message across. The problem with that is the loss of inflection. The inability to hear that a friend may be hurting by their tone of voice or see by their expression some inner struggle. I think we forget that communication is multi dimensional and if we are only reading the words we may not be receiving the full message.

    • Hey Kathy,
      things are too easy these days with social media, and your right you lose the ability well just to be human, dont get me wrong I love social media I have made a lot of friends online you included, but I prefer face to face interactions when possible or even a phone call.
      How are things going with “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom”
      Thanks for coming by I am really glad you did 🙂

  2. Jim, great post! It’s true–the stories don’t come from cyberspace, but from real interaction with humans. Wonderful insight!

    • Hey allthings,
      thank you so much, I am really happy you liked it.
      Well lets hope stories don’t start coming from cyberspace it will become a bleak landscape for sure.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by 🙂

  3. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    Hey, Jim. As I write this, I am just wrapping up some major client project deadlines so that I can have tomorrow free to spend the day with some friends and colleagues in the Real World.

    Like you, I love my online life and the opportunities the Internet provides for publishing and connecting and generally feeding our curious minds. There is definitely something to be said, however, for the “P2P” (person-to-person) meeting. In my experience, though online relationships can be wonderful and meaningful, there is a different emotional dynamic at play when you are with someone, flesh and bone. We humans are social creatures. We crave connection and are designed to read all the subtle cues that are available to us when we sit, face-to-face.

    In order to be “brilliant behind the keyboard” we must first get out from behind there and into the real world. We must live, love, and lose so that we can share those experiences with our readers.

    Here’s to savoring the real world and finding the brilliance to then send it out across the ether. 🙂

    • Hey Jamie,
      I hope you have a great weekend and some much deserved down time with friends, I know your busy and could probably use the break.
      Online life does afford endless opportunities, for both professional and personal endeavors I love it.
      Yes send it across the ether, and make the reader “feel it” cheers.
      As always, Jamie. It is a pleasure when you stop by 🙂

  4. I agree with you completely. Behind the keyboard is good and has many advantages, but it lacks the warmth of face to face 🙂

    • Hey Hope,
      I wonder how the next few generations will deal with this ?
      Will they become reclusive or not ? guess we will wait and see
      Thanks for coming by 🙂
      and *hugs* right back at ya

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  6. I sort of wrote a reply to this on my blog and linked my blog to yours.

    I do have lots of acquaintances, and I can talk to just about anyone, just about any time, just about anything, but getting anyone to meet me for coffee is just about IMPOSSIBLE. I have lots of verbal communication abilities, not just written word communication, due to my experience in the courtroom (talking to people is EASY compared to testifying in court on a DNA case), giving laboratory tours and teaching medical school residents.

    I find that OTHER people are shallow, mostly use trite phrases, or seem bored or miserable with life and neither one is great conversation kindling, you know? Or usually not approachable because they have their head glued to electronic gadget when they are out.

    I don’t think some of us would prefer keeping to ourselves and our thoughts rather than expending it trying to get to know shallow people. But that’s just my experience.

    I have a LOT of diverse things to talk about…but can’t find anyone who cares to listen.

    I ask a LOT of people out for coffee. The only one that met with me was my dental hygienist, who really is quite knowledgeable about dentistry.


  7. Whoops, I mean…

    “I think some of us would prefer keeping to ourselves and our thoughts rather than expending energy trying to get to know shallow people.”

    Ugh…my typing stinks today.

  8. Hey Casey,
    I too find it easy to talk to people because of my job, its very customer service oriented. The problem today with getting people to sit down and talk is the time factor. I run my own business, very time consuming.
    I have a wife and 2 kids and 1 grandson, again very time consuming.
    I am trying to finish up my book, so I can start the agent query process, once again very time consuming, its absolutely nuts, but its the life I built and I love it.
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by Casey 🙂

  9. I agree. Becoming brilliant behind the keyboard is particularly true when you are a writer, I believe. We’re pretty much a meek tribe, hiding behind thick glasses and great dreams.

    What we don’t realize is the value face to face communication holds in the literary world. You need to demonstrate that you believe in your work and in yourself, so that you’re not another charity case hoping to make it instead of fighting for it.

  10. First off, Joe.
    Welcome to the blog, I’m so glad you stopped in.
    As a writer in today’s social media world, you have to be brilliant behind the keyboard because that’s where a huge part of your platform is built.
    Face to face is key in any business, well except for facebook and the like ha-ha. I am about to start the agent query process and I really hope I get the chance for some face to face interaction.
    Joe, thanks for stopping by I really hope you enjoy what you find here.
    Please come back anytime 🙂

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