The Day The Social Media Switch Gets Turned Off

Like lambs being led to slaughter,
We have all been tempted, hooked and even addicted to social media.
You and I are being conditioned into needing these social media websites.

So what will happen when greed overcomes the owners, or board of directors of these sites, like it has happened in the oil industry, we were conditioned, groomed if you will, into becoming complacent about gas prices. They raised the prices and we got used to them, we learned to go without to pay for gas, and they raised prices again and continue to do so.

Lets look at Facebook.
With 800,000,000 plus users and billions a year in revenue from ads and games facebook is the social media king.
Although their home page boasts “it’s free and always will be”
how long before thats not the case anymore ?

Next we have Twitter.
We love to tweet, for whatever reason, and we love to do it in 140 words or less.
What would happen if we suddenly no longer could ?
Twitter has about 250,000,000 users tweeting up the cyber universe everyday

So we can’t have this discussion without talking about Pinterest.
Although the invite only social site is not even close to being one of the biggest social media sites there is.
It is the fastest growing and will probably give facebook and Twitter a serious run for their money.

Ok, now that we are back to talking about money, lets do the math.
facebook + Twitter + Pinterest = a shitload of money if they all started to charge for service.
OK, Ok, a shitload of money although very descriptive does not really tell us how much money it is, so lets say they all started charging a modest five dollars a month per user.
Thats about 5.30 and 1/2 BILLION DOLLARS a month and thats only 3 websites out of the more than 200 social sites that there are.

So what will happen if the social media switch gets turned to the off position for financial gain?
Will we succumb to the greed of these social sites? Of course we will, its an addiction we just will not want to live without.

As for now there is no charge to get our daily, often times hourly, social media fix.
So let’s enjoy facebook, tweet till our fingers fall off, and pin our favorite things on Pinterest until we have to put virtual finger cots on, while we can, while it’s free,
Before The Day The Social Media Switch Gets Turned Off.

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6 responses to “The Day The Social Media Switch Gets Turned Off

  1. Excellent post. I’ve often wondered the same things, and wonder why it hasn’t been done yet, though Facebook has “considered” the possibility. I’m glad others are recognizing the possibility too. It would be a shame to be required to pay, but then again, we’re the ones addicted, aren’t we? Thanks for posting this.

    • Hey Stacy,
      I figure it is just a matter of time before we have to pay for social media, hell the way things are going in this country, I wonder how long before we get taxed to use it? Luckily for us the “addicted” it is one of those things that they all want to do but are afraid it will backfire, so we are safe for the time being. Once one of them do it and we just pay to use it the domino effect will run rampant
      Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting question. It could happen, but I think the business models for most of these sites is based on advertising revenue and other “behind-the-scenes” income vs. subscription fees. The backlash those brands would have to endure if they tried to move to a fee-based service would be intense and possibly their demise. With Facebook going public recently (and perhaps other networks to follow), I doubt they would risk the ire of their board of directors with such a rash course of action.

    Even if the “big boys” did go to a subscription model, my guess is that another, similar network would soon spring up and offer free services to all the disgruntled masses.

    The most important thing to take away from this “what if” conversation is to ask yourself how you are creating a network you own? Do you have a mailing list or other network “asset” that is yours outside of these 3rd party social sites? If not – you should.

    Because – like we said – anything could happen …

  3. I think your right Jamie, the business models do focus on ads which pay a lot of money with such a broad audience.
    I hear what your saying on creating a network you own and Ive been trying some ideas and want to see if I like them before I go live like a weekly newsletter ……baby steps Jim baby steps πŸ™‚
    Thanks for coming by Jamie πŸ™‚

  4. I have a facebook account, but after a few weeks of it, I got bored with it real quick. One of my old college friends updates with stupid updates about what she’s doing all day, like cleaning or making a sandwich. Ugh. People really want to know the minutiae of everyday life? I don’t get this.

    I don’t know how to Twitter, but a post of mine had been tweeted by author Paulo Coelho, so that day I received 8,800 hits and got a few more followers, so I have to be grateful for that.

    As far as Pinterest goes? It’s pretty much an electronic display of envy. Here are things I’d like to have or like to do or like to make but I’ll never have the time, the money, or the talent to achieve, especially since I’m sitting on the computer all day coveting other people’s stuff and talent.

    That being said, I’m an avid fan of blogging. I dream all day long anyway, I take pictures, and I love to write. It’s nice when I meet other people through my “work”.


  5. Hey Casey
    I know what you mean with facebook some people do post some pretty inane updates on there I like it because I can keep up with friends and relatives woh dont live near me.
    I am learning twitter, I think its pretty cool.
    Pintrest I know nothing about I dont use it.
    I have been able to keep up with friends and realitves because of social media, and I have made some great friends because of social media.
    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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