No More Bound Books ?

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With the announcement this week that Encyclopedia Britannica will end its 244 years of publishing its encyclopedia’s and focus on the online version, it brings me to a few questions.

Is this the future for all bound and printed books?

Inevitably, I fear the answer is yes, it was only a matter of time before “e-books” took over, just as the cassette tape replaced the 8 track tape, CD’s replaced the cassette and MP3 is replacing the CD.

Although the day is not upon us yet that all books have made the transition to “e-books”
Encyclopædia Britannica’s decision to go to an online only format is the beginning, and I am sure that decision was made based on declining sales and the company’s bottom line.

What does this mean to a Bibliophile ?

Well sadly, evolve and get on the cyber train, buy the e-reader or your choice and download the e-books you want, and hopefully they don’t get lost in the almighty “cloud
I personally do not have an e-reader and really have nothing against them, I have friends who love them and more than likely I will be purchasing one.

But wait!!!

There is another option, buy the printed books you want now, I don’t mean to buy them all at once, but start adding to your collection.
As I am sure Encyclopædia Britannica’s sales will increase for a short time, I am also sure other publishers will begin (if they have not already begun) the process of transitioning to e-books to improve their bottom lines, lets hope that this is a time long from now.

What does no more bound books mean to an author?

I don’t know, but I am sure that there will be a decrease in what they get paid to write books, because the cost for an e-book should be cheaper than a bound book.
However, that may not be the case in today’s world of inexplicable greed, it would not even surprise me if an e-book cost as much aa a TANGIBLE BOOK.

Although I am not a published author yet (the children’s book I am writing is almost done) it will not sway me from continuing to write.


Because writing for me anyways, is not about making money, don’t get me wrong, I would love to get paid to write, and ultimately, to be a paid author would be the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail.
I write for me, but more importantly for you.

So what are your thoughts ?
Please let me know below.


8 responses to “No More Bound Books ?

  1. This is really sad. I started having all these gadgets after my 25th birthday. I’m already 33. So I was a total book junkie during my teenage years. I’m having problems with my students because they lack this sense of imagination that I never thought was possible for musicians.

  2. Hey Allan
    It really is sad but it is what it is , as far as imagination, over the next few generations I think there will be a big decline in it as a whole without having tangible “things” to inspire people
    Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime 🙂

  3. As much as I love all my gadgets, I don’t believe an e-reader will ever have a feeling equivalent to the coziness of curling up with a real book in your hands.

    • Eva, I agree with you it just wont be the same. Where I grew up the town library was built in the 1800′s out of granite quarried from our town , the smell of the books when you went in still stays with me today> I spent a lot of time in there when I was a kid for 2 reasons 1 to read and 2 because it had a cool creepy vibe
      Thanks for stopping by

  4. I fought the idea of an e-reader for awhile, but finally gave in. I love mine. I used to haul a bag full of books on vacation, books littered the floor board of my car, and avalanches of them would fall over in the middle of the night from my bedside table, waking me. Don’t get me wrong, I still have real paper-page books all around me (what else could I read in the bathtub?). The e-reader just makes books more accessible and affordable. Now, as a writer, would I want a bound paper version of my book? Of course!

  5. Train
    I haven’t succumbed to the e-reader yet, I do see the practicality of them but for now I like books.
    As a writer bound books are the way to go once I get published 🙂
    Thanks for coming by Train

  6. I have an e-reader, and I have ALSO been collecting books from thrift shops too because the experience of reading a book is just that much more fulfilling. You just can’t get that same experience with an e-reader.

    The e-reader is nice because I can get a lot old books for free (lots of philosophy books are free) or really cheap. Plus…when I’m not home…and I’m somewhere really boring…it’s easier to pull out it out and read and switch between books. And…I NEVER lose my spot. It always opens up to where I last left off.

    the bad thing is that i’m running out of shelf space.

    as a writer…definitely want to see my future books in print.


    • Welcome to the blog Casey,
      I can definitely see the benefits of an e-reader,the ability take many many books with you without the weight.
      I will get one just don’t know when, I really am in no hurry.
      Glad you found your way here, please stop by anytime, Casey.

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