Don’t Just Sit There

Don’t just sit there……..go get it, fulfill your dreams, your desires, your passion.

Lets face it, life here on our planet is just too damn short.
We do not have time to sit around waiting for something to happen, such as our dreams, our desires, our passion.
We have to make it happen, no matter what our dreams, no matter what our desires, no matter what our passions are.

If we sit around waiting for whatever it is, our dreams, our desires to happen, chances are they will not happen, and we will have a life wasted, waiting.

Have you ever noticed that when you say to yourself “I need ______”(fill in your blank) you continue to need whatever “your blank” is?
But when you say “I want_____” and mean it, I mean, REALLY MEAN IT, with every fiber of your being and put in motion, the vehicle to go get it,you do in fact get it.

We’ve all heard
“So & So is one driven individual”
Well, that’s what “DRIVE” is……it is YOU and the effort YOU put forth.

It does not matter what your goal or desires are, singer, guitarist, artist, successful entrepreneur, or in my case a published author.

What does matter is that you take the proverbial “bull by the horns”, kick the world in the ass, and scream


There will be a whole lot of people saying “you can’t do that” or “your not good enough, what the hell are you doing?” be sure not to listen to them!!!

There will also be some people who will say “Yeah, I like whats going on here” and it is these people that matter for your dreams, your desires, your passion to come true.

One such “driven” individual is Kelly Clarkson for the sake of our discussion, it does not matter if you like her music or not, what does matter is that Kelly did not just sit there, she had a dream, and she had the guts and fortitude to go after it, to go and get it.

She did not just sit there saying “I need to become a singer” She wanted it, she put her vehicle in motion and she achieved her dream.

Of course “wanting it” just will not be enough to get our dreams, our desires, our passions to be realized.

Hell even really, really, really wanting it, will not get us there, and its not going to happen overnight, but wanting it is where we start.
Then you dig in and push, you fight for it, and more than likely you will get knocked down and get your ass kicked and let me tell you it hurts, it hurts really fucking bad.

Yeah it hurts, so what? get back up and come at them swinging, this is not a “fair fight” so don’t play fair, do whatever it takes to get what you want, don’t stop. Kick, claw, gouge if you have to, but for God’s sake don’t stop.

I’m not going to stop, and neither should you!!!
Whatever our dreams are, we are not the first one’s to go after them.
Other people have done it, so can we, so lets do it, lets go after it.

Don’t Just Sit There !!!


10 responses to “Don’t Just Sit There

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  2. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    I like your spirit, Jim, and I think that acknowledging and embracing your “wants.” Too often, we grow up and learn to bury our desires. They should not be buried. They are the source of our passion and our “drive,” as you put it.

    I agree, too, that there is a certain power in rebellion – in an “I’ll show them!” sense of purpose. But, I think we need to be careful about maintaining a balance between being driven by desire and by a sort of “soft revenge.” Each of us has demons to fight that bait us with the promise of putting someone in his place, or otherwise “getting even.” Though there is a sweetness (and a justice) to some of these scenarios, I prefer to have my actions powered more by positive impulses than negative ones.

    Keep on going after what you want. Figure out the methods and work with the madness. Make it happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Jamie, I agree that our desires should not be buried.
      I try not to be negative myself because it only breeds negativity, when I started my business 12 years ago, I talked to some very successful, wealthy, self made people I know in the business I am in, they all said “you cant do this”, “its too hard, you don’t know what your doing” and I did get knocked down, and every time, I got up swinging.
      I actually talked to one of these people again a few months ago, and I asked why he said I couldn’t do this, his answer was “I was afraid you would put me out of business because you are so driven and you get what you want”
      So you can count on me keeping my fire well stoked ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for coming by Jamie ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ah, makes sense that your competitors would try to undermine you before you get out of the starting gate. Not very neighborly of them, but certainly makes sense in light of our highly competitive marketplace.

        So many people operate on a scarcity model – that there are so few resources to go around and people tend to be really cutthroat about things and very harmful.

        If we start thinking in terms of abundance – that everyone will find exactly what they need, we’d all be a hell of a lot better off in life.

        • Hey Casey,
          It does make sense that I would be undermined at the start, that is business, its not personal, its business.
          On the other hand nobody said you have to play by the rules…. well because there really are not any rules other than principles of business, you do what you feel is right for your business some decide to be sharks and some decide to be decent hard working people.
          Thanks for the comment feel free to stop by anytime:)

  3. I keep reminding my boys to find their passion. If you do, and you can make a living doing that thing, you never work a day in your life. I was lucky. I found my passion for working with elders early on. My passion for writing has been there my whole life, but like you said, I started really following it and taking it seriously in 2009. I’m a work in progress…but aren’t we all? Thanks Jim for the reminder to “keep at it.”

  4. Hey Train ( one day you will tell me your first name, really you will haha)
    It is important for us to help our kids along with their passions .
    There is an old saying “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow” and that’s not a bad thing.
    We all are works in progress, if we weren’t, we would be computers.
    Glad this post reminds you to keep at it ๐Ÿ™‚
    One of my favorite Aerosmith songs is “Chip Away The Stone” which has become my motto lately
    Thanks for stopping by come back anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. A lot of times those people who say we can’t do this or that have taken up residence in our own heads. Sometimes we have to fight our own inner critics most strongly of all.

    As far as the achieving one’s dreams, having it spelled out, on paper, what exactly you want to accomplish increases your chances of actually accomplishing your dreams.

    Write down your goals…that’s the first step. All too often we have some vague notion of what we want out of life, but never get around to actually manifesting them, simply because they are not written down. Once the goals are decided on, the next step is writing down the specific action steps to take to get there. And then do them.

    You are more likely to get where you want to go with a map of how to get there.


  6. Hey Casey ,
    that’s the nice thing about being a writer, everything we do is written down ha-ha.
    “As far as the achieving oneโ€™s dreams, having it spelled out, on paper, what exactly you want to accomplish increases your chances of actually accomplishing your dreams.”
    There is an old adage in business
    “plan your work, then work your plan”
    Thanks for stopping by, Casey. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I suppose I’m preaching to the choir with you then, eh?

      I have avoided delving into the business aspect of things, mostly because I spent many years up to my eyeballs in paperwork (for the laboratories I worked in) and because of my family’s business dealings.

      I am quite at odds with the business world. My mother and grandfather were quite shark-like in their dealings with the people they have done business with. Money and power were lorded over everyone they came in contact with but most of all with their own family. I haven’t quite gotten over the damage done. So, this puts me at a disadvantage. I distrust businesses/businesspeople that operate without the big picture AND a generous dose of compassion.

      I think the sharks have done much damage to the good, hardworking, considerate people. Eat or you’ll get eaten. That’s why the mom and pop establishments, the quaint family owned shops and even the booksellers are now out of business.

      I try to take a Zen Buddhist stance on some of this stuff…but it’s hard. It frustrates me.

      If I ever want to sell my work I have to get over my distaste for mass consumerism. Because, after all, don’t I want a lot of people to consume my writing? Well, sure I do.

      Hmm…I sense a paradox here that I might need to deal with.

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