Self promoting your blog

Is it considered bad form to self promote your blog on someone else’s blog?         

I guess a lot of things will come into play for this answer.                                          First off is on the blog your self promoting on,  does it give you the opportunity to leave your website which shows up in the post?                                             

Obviously then it would be ok as you are being asked for this information.                                                                                                                                  Second:  will linking back to your blog with your comment post offend or upset the writer whose blog you are doing this on?                                                                          I guess it will depend on the individual owner of the blog you are doing this on.                                                                                                                                                     Third: are you linking back to your blog because it is relevant to the blog post you are linking on? 

The questions could go on and on and be as varied as all the blogs on the web and the answers as unique as the writers who write them.                                            For me personally I do not wander about the web randomly stopping by a blog just so I can link back to my blog. Do I want to add to my audience? Yes I do. Do I want to do it in this manner of self-promoting? Personally I do not, but others may feel this is perfectly fine and that’s ok because that what the web is all about…. sharing, and self-promoting is just that, sharing your thoughts, ideas, writing etc.

I am not a marketing professional of any kind so I really do not know the answer (if there is just one) to this question, I feel it would just come down to the individual being comfortable self promoting in this manner or not.

So what are your thoughts on this?


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