Handwriting VS. Typing

What is better for us as writers? Is it writing with a pen and paper or typing?

I guess the answer will vary depending on the individual. Some of us will say writing out your thoughts makes us better writers, while others will argue that typing does.

For myself I find that writing things down using a pen and paper is far more superior to typing for the following reasons.

When I sit and type what I want to write about most of the time spent is doing just that, sitting and thinking. Then I have to remember those thoughts in order, or put my thoughts in the order I want them written, I really feel it to be quite mechanical. Then time is spent proofreading every paragraph as it is written, and the inevitable happens, I lose my train of thought or forget something that I really wanted in that writing and remember it later after it is out for the world to see.

 When I write using a pen and paper the thoughts come to me more quickly and almost always (I would say 98% of the time) branch off into subcategories that I can use later in that writing. I find that when I write by hand, I am quickly consumed with my thoughts, and have no problem writing them down and have no problem remembering what I want to write, it is like the next word is just sitting there at an open door,  waiting for my hand to finish writing the word before it so it can have its turn flowing through the pen.

I found this to be the case recently on a children’s picture book I am writing, when I wrote the book out by hand I could imagine the story unfolding in my mind, which brought me to adding two characters I had not intended on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that for me writing with pen and paper brings out more creativity in me.
I read a great post about how journaling makes you a better writer you can read it here


So what about you?


7 responses to “Handwriting VS. Typing

  1. I enjoy typing. My handwriting sucks.

    • but your handwriting skills will improve the more you do it
      Thanks for stopping in and reading the post

  2. I think it will be great if we do not need to write or type but speak our thoughts and then use eraser to edit it on screen. somehow I feel that thoughts run much faster as compared to writing or typing.

    • I totally agree about thoughts being faster than writing or typing and who knows maybe someday we will be able to see our thoughts on a screen as we think them
      Thanks for your comment

  3. I find keyboard and pen serve different purposes for me. Though pen and paper can’t be beat (in my book) for initial creative work, I get into an easier flow when I’m at the keyboard.

    However, I definitely play around with both. I find that I have a different voice when I’m writing vs. typing. I’m sure there’s some brain science behind that, but I don’t know what it is. I just take note and make sure I try things both ways!

  4. Hey Jamie
    I too use both, but pen and paper is what I rough draft with always.
    Most definitely it takes longer this way, but I feel I can put more into it this way.
    I have heard something about the science behind pen and paper vs. keyboard and it was that you use only 8 neural pathways in the brain when typing and 10,000 neural pathways when handwriting but I have not been able to find any actual research to prove this claim.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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