Keep it Simple

As I sat thinking about something to write about, I found myself getting aggravated not being able to put the fragments in my head into something meaningful that would be something worth reading.
Aggravation soon turned into distraction and I was doing everything but writing, I was watching TV, looking out the window at whatever caught the corner of my eye.
Finally I had enough and went to play my guitar, as I wasn’t doing any productive writing.
While trying to do Slash some justice there I sat playing Paradise City on one of my acoustic guitars, that turned into Sweet Child O’ Mine which turned into Patience.
Switching gears to another guitar God Jimmy Page, I found myself playing Stairway to Heaven.
That’s when it came to me,
I remembered when I was learning to play these songs, that when I tried too hard to make my fingers play the chords I ran into problems.
When I decided to just let go and stopped trying to “force it” that is when I became a better guitar player.
So that was my problem; I was trying too hard, instead of just letting the creativity flow out I was trying to push it out and that’s when the writing came to an abrupt stop.
So keep it simple and keep writing.


One response to “Keep it Simple

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