What was the very first book you ever read?

When I was a child the very first book I read was “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.
To this day this remains to be my all time favorite book, it is 48 pages of absolute joy.
The way Sendak guides you through the story, beginning with the main character “Max” being sent to his room without supper and engaging our own imagination while showing us Max’s, is nothing short of genius.
You get so caught up in the story, and actually begin to see the wild forest and sea and the “Wild Things” come to life , to how Max became the king of all Wild Things by “staring into all their yellow eyes without blinking once” and bringing us back with Max back in his room with a hot supper waiting for him .
There is a lot to be said of the illustrations by Sendak in this book: I feel the illustrations draw you into the story in a way that really is not seen in children’s picture books today.

I really am amazed at the way I personally transcend into the land of the wild things when I read this book and actually feel as if I am living it as I read it.
I have read “Where The Wild Things Are” to my own daughter a few times and she really liked it, that in itself says a lot of how well this book is written.

This book was published in 1963 by Harper & Row ( which is now Harper Collins) and is still a good selling piece of literary excellence, selling over 19 million copies.


3 responses to “What was the very first book you ever read?

  1. My very first book I could read all by myself was Blue Hat Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. I could read it when I was three (I still have it!).

    • That’s great that you still have that book.
      I wish I could say that I stil had my copy of Where the Wild Things Are from when I was a child but I do have a copy of it in the house
      Thanks for your comment!!

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