Happy Mother’s Day, I miss you Mom

Here it is another Mother’s day, it has been a long time since I have celebrated Mother’s day with my mother as she passed away on April 28, 1997. How I miss seeing her smiling face, her humorous personality and the wisdom and guidance that lasted well in to my adulthood.

I remember on Mother’s Day as a child, waking early to make Mom a Mother’s Day breakfast (if you can call it that) and eagerly waiting for her to wake up (as I made enough noise to ensure that she would wake up) and come see what I had made for her. Along with breakfast there was also the homemade Mother’s Day card, although I am sure the breakfast food was not the best cuisine she had ever eaten, she made me feel like it was.

I miss her witty personality, she was always laughing and making jokes. I also miss her impromptu excursions that as a child did not really seem like much, but looking back I realize how special they were.
I’m not talking about a surprise trip to Disney World or anything like that, but rather the picnic alongside a river and fishing after lunch, now that I am older I guess it really is the little things that count and that is what we remember.

I really miss her guidance, and no matter what I did good or bad she was there. If it was something I did that I should not have done she was there telling me how to fix it. If I did something good, she was there telling me how I could improve on it, not because she was condescending (she was actually quite the opposite and very supportive) but because she always wanted me to work hard and go after what seemed out of reach and because of her persistence, support, guidance and love, I am the man I am today because of her and for that I thank you Mom.

Although I miss my mother immensely, I now have a wife and two daughters of my own who never had the chance to meet my mother.
It is because of these three amazing girls that I still get to celebrate Mother’s Day with a Mother I love.

I would like to wish all the mothers reading this a Happy Mother’s Day and Mom I love and miss you.

Thanks so much for reading


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