Digital Children

Children growing up today have vast resources available to them, as with any generation they are the product of their technological environment. Children today have literally at their fingertips access to the entire world, this has never been the case before.
Since the advent of social networking sites, children today are in constant contact with friends and family, because of this they are using online abbreviation’s in their daily interactions with other people.
Common phrases are “OMG”, “IDK” and “IKR” which I am sure all of you know stand for, “Oh my God”, “I don’t know” and “I know right” respectively.
Are the use of these abbreviation’s eroding the English language as we know it? I guess only time will tell for sure, but I feel it certainly is not helping to maintain it by any means.

In todays “Digital World” children have the unique opportunity to propel themselves forward as never before, yet it is inevitable that some will not as is the case with every generation.
The digital technologies that are available to children today will be used by most children but not all the children will get the most use out of it.
With the rise of eBook readers the opportunities for reading and education are endless, as any book one needs to or wishes to read are instantly at hand.
I look at kids today and say to myself I wish I had these items at my disposal growing up, however with the digital age comes added pressure to our children.
We are teaching our kids at a greater rate than we learned, for example; what I learned in ninth grade is now being taught in fifth grade and requirements for graduating high school are higher now as they should be.

What kind of future do our” Digital Children” today have to look forward to? I really do not have the answer to this as I feel that we can only speculate what will happen.
I feel without a certain amount of automation in manufacturing the true potential of our digital age will not be fully achieved by our children.

I am however optimistic about our children’s future and feel we will see some incredible advancements not only in the way we live and work but also in the way we think .

Thank you so much for reading



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