Gas Price’s and going Green

 Lets face it, gasoline prices in the United States are on the rise and will continue to move upwards unchecked.
Why has the U.S. Government not stepped in and released oil reserves to help its citizens really boggles the mind.
Why have the citizens of the U.S. not stood up against these rising gas prices and demanded lower fair gas prices? I have no idea.
What I do know is that the people of the U.S. are shelling out a lot more of their hard-earned cash just to be able to drive, which in turn is taking money out of their home budgets and making it harder to simply get by,while the oil companies are enjoying record profits and the executives of these companies are getting ridiculous bonuses for basically fleecing all of us.
In turn high gasoline and oil prices are making every other product and service in this country go up and leaving the average citizen to make up the difference.
Now here are  3 simple things you can do to help curb the cost of rising prices which will help keep some green in your wallet while being green for our environment and hopefully a happier healthier you.
1. Plant a vegetable garden
Planting your own garden is fun for starters,it really is amazing to plant your vegetable’s and watch them sprout and grow.You will be outside a lot which is good for you and you will have a really great sense of accomplishment.
You will also know where your veggies come from and can have truly organic veggies.
My vegetable garden this year cost me about $25 and was started indoors from seed and will produce enough veggies for my family for the summer and we will probably be giving some away, how many vegetable’s can you purchase at the grocery store for $25 ? not enough for your family for the entire summer that’s for sure!!!
2. Walk or bike more
Do you need to go to the corner store for something small like a gallon of milk or eggs ?
Why not walk or ride your bike?
It will give you great exercise,it will cost you $0 in gasoline and produces no greenhouse emissions!
Why not walk or ride a bike to work when its nice out if its feasible?
Again great exercise, zero greenhouse emissions, and zero money spent in gasoline.
3. Switch to Compact Flourescent Bulbs in your home
Doing this in your home can reduce your electric bill by 1/3 !!!
There is only one real draw back to these bulbs they contain trace amounts of Mercury,so please dispose of these bulbs responsibly when the time comes.
You can drop your old bulbs off at Home Depot or Ace hardware and they will recycle them or you can contact the EPA to find a recycling program in your area.
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2 responses to “Gas Price’s and going Green

  1. A really excellent way to preserve what you grow is to start canning it! If some items aren’t good for canning, you can freeze or dehydrate it as well and really extend your harvest…

    • Excellent point!!!
      Canning, freezing and dehydrating food is an art that quite frankly is something our grandparents used to do and has to a point been lost.
      If it’s done properly, and you grow enough vegetables, you could easily get through the winter while cutting your dependence for store bought vegetables to nothing.
      You can even make your own soups; sauces and jelly if you’re so inclined and can them also, further reducing your grocery bill.
      An excellent resource for properly canning, freezing and dehydrating food can be found at The National Center for Home Food Preservation website

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